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TURNKEY® in the face of its peers

The Turnkey® range of sidewall shields, the alternative to MTG PROMET and ESCO Toplok for lasting protection of bucket sides in abrasive and highly abrasive conditions.


The Turnkey® range of bucket side shields, the alternative to MTG PROMET and ESCO Toplok for durable protection of bucket sides in abrasive and highly abrasive conditions!

The Turnkey® bucket protection range offers an excellent alternative to the MTG Promet and Esco Toplok ranges.

For over 30 years, Feurst® has specialized in the design & production of innovative ground-engaging solutions with a complete range of bucket equipment from tips to full bucket protection. Here’s a closer look at the highlights of the Turnkey® protection range…


1 – TKSH and TKWH: some of the most reliable sidewall and interdent shields on the market

The reliability of Feurst’s products is well established.

Thanks to its expertise and continuous innovation program, Turnkey® bucket protection solutions are indisputably among the most reliable on the market.

In fact, the TKWH sidewall protection keying system and TKSH blade shields have been designed to increase bucket reliability, safety and longevity.

Unlike the keying systems offered by the Toplok Esco and Promet MTG ranges, the Turnkey® keying system is an eccentric system which, by compression, eliminates play and locks the side shield or blade shield to its support.

By stopping backlash, TKSH and TKWH shields durably prevent the part from flapping and slamming on its support. This technical approach ensures that the shields are perfectly positioned on the blade and on the sides, thus preventing run-out from causing shield breakage, production stoppages, costly repairs and safety issues arising from the loss of parts that could injure operators.

2 – TKSH and TKWH: foundry processes at the service of steel quality

Using the Group’s own foundry processes, Feurst offers quality steels with a hardness of 540 HB.

Our production plants are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.

3 – TKSH & TKWH: simplicity of installation and removal to boot!

TKSH blade shields and TKWH side shields are easy to install and remove, optimizing equipment maintenance times.

The weld-on bases are designed to adapt naturally to the side shields and blade shields for excavators from 50 to 90 T and for excavators from 100 to 350 T.

Thanks to Hammerless technology, TKSH and TKWH shields can be fitted and removed in just a few minutes:

4 – A complete range to meet every need

The Turnkey® range is not limited to sidewall shields and interdents. Feurst also offers a variety of other solutions to meet the needs of the construction and mining markets. Heel shields, teeth, adapters with the same attention to detail and quality. This comprehensive approach enables customers to find everything they need to protect their equipment in abrasive and highly abrasive environments.

5 – Continuous innovation and customer support

At Feurst, innovation never stops. Constant research into new technologies ensures that Turnkey® products remain at the forefront of their market. What’s more, customer support is a top priority. A dedicated team is on hand to provide technical advice and customized recommendations. Click here to see our ground-engaging solutions configurator.

6 – Summary of Turnkey® benefits:

Unrivalled reliability: patented keying system for long-lasting protection against impact and abrasion.

Quality materials: High-grade steels with a hardness of 540 HB for long service life.

Easy installation and maintenance: Hammerless design for rapid installation and removal, optimizing maintenance time.

Comprehensive range: Solutions for every need, from sidewall shields to cutting edge protection.

Continuous innovation: Feurst remains at the forefront of the industry thanks to its constant search for new technologies.

Dedicated customer support: An experienced team ready to provide advice and personalized assistance.


Conclusion: Choose reliability with Turnkey®.

In conclusion, Feurst’s Turnkey® bucket protection range represents much more than a simple alternative to the MTG Promet and Esco Toplok ranges. It’s a choice of reliability, quality and performance. TKSH and TKWH sidewall shields offer superior protection with their patented keying system, guaranteeing increased durability and safety. What’s more, Feurst’s foundry processes ensure exceptional material quality, while the simplicity of installation and removal optimizes maintenance times.



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