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Bucket equipment for quarrying & mining

Learn more about our range of teeth, adapters & bucket guards for excavation activities in mines and quarries. Our ground engaging solutions – teeth, adapters and shrouds are designed for the most demanding applications to provide maximum productivity.

Learn more about our products for the mining and quarrying industry

Teeth & adapters for excavators and wheel loaders buckets in the quarry and mines sectors.

Bucket teeth are ground engaging tools that play an important role in the mining process.

The teeth are specifically designed to provide increased productivity in all applications and requirements of your land.

Different mining operations result in abrasive wear. Feurst® teeth are manufactured with high strength steels to meet the productivity requirements of mining and quarrying.

The mounting time thanks to the patented hammerless keying system also meets the requirements of reduced maintenance time on site.

New Feurst

The rhinoceros strides across the barren land, proud and calm with the confidence of those illustrious animals that have survived the centuries. All-terrain animal, it fears nothing, neither water nor mud. Like Turnkey® teeth and holders, no environment is too frightening. It will adapt. its apparent phlegm is in fact only a demonstration of its power. its bluish horn, reminiscent of the Turnkey® teeth, stands proudly on its nose, ready to face anything. Robustness, reliability, speed and longevity are the four common characteristics between this ancient animal and Turnkey® technology. It is, without doubt, the ideal representative of the Mining and Quarrying sector.

Our tooth profiles for quarries & mines.

Which tooth to choose to equip my machines ?

Our Turnkey® range are made up of different tooth profiles, each optimized for a specific use. Find out which tine profiles are right for you !

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Bucket protection

Turnkey© shrouds

Find our Turnkey® locked shrouds: blade protectors, sidewall protectors, and bi-metal pads & bars to weld



Why choose Feurst® products to equip your excavators and wheel loaders ?

Feurst® bucket teeth are made of low carbon steel capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of the construction and quarrying industries. Our ground engaging solutions offer answers to all your needs through a range covering all applications & requirements in terms of impact/penetration balance.

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Our mission

To be the technical and innovative leader in ground attack tools by mobilizing our teams around our metallurgical expertise and our knowledge of the user’s technical and production issues.

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